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Born on March 4, 1980 in Casablanca-Morocco, Plasticien and Arab pœt of Moroccan origin, fired in Arab literature linguistic section, Karim tabit is a self-educated artist who saw and worked in Casablanca, he developed since the  age of 16 th year old a primarily abstract painting, he could develop his physical handicap to create the success and not other thing that are brilliants in life.
His artistic course leads to trying out various means: painting, sculpture, and pœtry in which it is often appreciated.
Karim tabit is interested particularly in the fill color of the sea, and also of all beautiful forms of life.  
He proposes a new glance on the matter and the technique on the fabric and wood, the life explodes in a bouquet of lights, matters and colors.
In paintings of Karim tabit, the not-figurative expression often lets perceive the echo of reality, without however imitating it… It is a question of encouraging with the dream without obliged reference, to escape familiar for better reaching a supposed unknown world to capture and release at the same time, in the rustle of a new interior music.
Each creation like an island, ridiculous in space, but that it is important to discover step by step, way after way… World closed on itself and however opened with the high winds of elsewhere.
Matter with oil, pastel with the watercolor, joining with the print… The technique is always with cared intention and pride.

- Castelnau-Montratier. FRANCE
- International Festival of Visual arts SETTAT
- Crossroads Of Art Casablanca
- Gallery Marcar’ art .ALBI. FRANCE
- Faculty of Medicine - Casablanca.

- Gallery Marcar’ art .ALBI. FRANCE
- castenlau-montratier. FRANCE
- International conger Center/center of the exchange - Casablanca
- Complex Moulay Rachid of (Bouznika)

- Mussée de Marrakech.
- Gallery Bab Boukkala ministry for the Marrakech culture.
- Complex cultural (Zafzaf) - Casablanca.
- Complex cultural Ain-chok-Casablanca.
- Faculty of Arts of Casablanca.
- Faculty of Medicine of Casablanca.
- House of the young people Hay El hassani-Casablanca.

- Municipal Palate of Azemour.
- Rabita of the Islamic literature international (Tétoine).
- Complex cultural EL FIDA-Casablanca.
- Complex cultural Touria sekkat-Casablanca.
- House of the young people Hay El mohammadi-Casablanca.
- Faculty of Arts - Casablanca.
- Academy of teaching - El Jadida

- House of the young people - Hay Mohammadi-Casablanca.
- Public library - Hay Amal- Casablanca.
- Faculty of Arts and social sciences - Casablanca.

- Institution ALINTIFADA - Casablanca.
- Faculty of Medicine - Casablanca.
- Faculty of Arts and social science - Casablanca.

- Public library - hayAmal-Casablanca.
- Faculty of Arts and social science - Casablanca.

Price won
-2nd price of the visual arts. Forum of creation of study - university Hassan II - Casablanca.
1st price of Test Faculty of Arts.
-2nd price of pœm (Forum of creation of the student)
University Hassan II Casablanca.
-3éme price of pœm: 2nd Forum of handicapped/Ministère charges of the child and of the integration of handicaps.
1st Arab price of pœm - Faculty of Arts Casablanca.
1st price modern festival of pœm
-3éme price of pœm (forum of creation of the student)
University Hassan II-Casablanca.

Other occupations.
- Member of association BASSAMAT of visual arts SETTAT-MAROC
- Member of association rhythms and Color Cahors France
- Member of association Action Of the Handicapped Artists Casablanca - MOROCCO
- Member of the workshop of the cinema (Faculty Ain Chok) Casablanca MOROCCO
- Member of the workshop of reading (Faculty Ain Chok) Casablanca MOROCCO

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