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The astonishing novelty in the work of KABU KIPARIS, if we can believe him, is that the artist could draw his themes from a source of inspiration which he freely qualifies as " metaphysical" This astonishes us as much as it seduces us.

KABU KIPARIS, who has achieved the pinnacle of an approach unlike any other, is recognized today as the leader of "Pix-Paint" (or "Pix-Peinture," depending upon the continent). As the full assurance of this painter-researcher shows us, he can surprise us with the richness of his monumental work and his diversity of subjects. He is casting a spell, so it seems, upon a constantly growing public.

Even so, KABU KIPARIS, who exposes his painting only at rare showroom exhibitions, has chosen to make his work known almost exclusively by means of putting it on line.

"Painting is at the turning point of its history, which will soon place it at the heart of the new media." Because, he continues, "works of painting being images above all, the new universal vector of Internet will become a privileged means for the spread of "painted thought," as it pleases him to prophesy.

 The artist would certainly seem to be right if we consider the fact that, on the five continents, the enthusiasts of KABU KIPARIS are already numerous.

With great attention they follow the evolution of this resolutely different artist, who does not express himself indiscriminately under the signatures of "KABUKI" for his "metaphysical" works and "KATIA" for his "floral" works.

He is a painter full of paradoxical features who refuses to participate in any movement other than the one that he has created, who plays with still life and the bouquet. He also creates ethereal subjects of the highest spirituality, as he enjoys reminding us.

"My painting is message-painting, addressed to the man or the woman who has the cognitive capacity to decrypt the most fundamentally universal revelations", he has told us...

 In the mean time, it is simply necessary to regard his work to understand that KABU KIPARIS is one of the names which will certainly count in the future of painting.
 Discover the numbered and signed prints, and reproductions under frameworks, that the artist proposes to you, for a broader diffusion of its art.




(Information: the following text was translated since the page into French, by a software. So certain words can be badly translated. Thank you) 

KABU KIPARIS (alias KABUKI, alias KATIA) was born in January 1955 in PARIS. He is the second child of a modest hearth of condition but nourishes of all arts.

In spite of the handicap of a heavy dyslexia detected too late, all its teachers and professors, agree to predict to this child who is obviously gifted only for the drawing, an obvious artistic career.

Already it paints and controls the mysteries of photography to satisfy its passion of animation. Thus it will carry out its first drawing animated (cartoon) as of the twelve years age...

Artist in the heart and technician by need, this young person, to which the studies do not smile, but that all sciences interest, enters by exception, on presentation of a file, an artistic school of reputation.

With the three years length of its course, it offers to him to perfect its gifts and to discipline its creativity.

With leaving, here artistic director junior, in one, then two great agencies of the Parisian west. In margin of this promising career in publicity, the many regional exposures in which it takes part then, are not as well as possible, for this creator burning of the absolute ideals, which the discharge system of a spirit too bubbling to be some never satisfied.

In 1981, the creation of its own company of creation retains it a few times, but resolutely independent, it decides in 1987, to devote itself completely to its art...

It will be its crossing of the desert...

And it is only strong support unconditional of its woman, Katia, that it meets the same year, (and to which it pays homage with one of its signatures) which it affirms an original vision artistic, in a spiritualistic search often obscure, but faithful to the idea that it is done of an artistic expression that it would like, of its clean consents: "what should be, today, a sacred art".

In December 2000 - January 2001, finally, with the century incipient, sure from its fact, KABU KIPARIS, reveals at a public confidential, but chosen, his years of research and work of workshop...

With this precedent he becomes leader of a new pictorial approach which he names pix-peinture or pix-Paint, according to the continent.

It is since then, the renewed interest for the exposures one line and the recent reinforcement of all the artists who, like, knew to him to seize what will make the evolution of the painting of our century, that the passion for the painting of KABU KIPARIS, receives a legitimate recognition, with the rediscovery of a rich work of an astonishing diversity and an important bottom of workshop.

Today, secured by a collection of almost two hundred and fifty works, under the signatures of KABUKI and KATIA, KABU KIPARIS, which is with the ridge of its art, does not let any more approach its work, which by way of setting on line.

The artist awaits the providential meeting of the impassioned commecial, which will be able to promote and diffuse intelligently its work.

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