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51 years old. Former student of sculptor Jean Pons.

I am used to direct curving, so I work mainly on wood. I also include metal for its roughness, coldness, and easy
way of manipulation. Resin brings colors and transparancy to my realizations.

"The oak beam is here, in the middle of the workshop, it does not inspire me that much. But I know it will
make a good start. Lately in my mind shapes start to appear, diseappear, and come back a little bit more complex.
They felt in a kind of harmony.

I start working on wood, carving, the wood resists, I adapt my curves and the wood and me find a kind of agreement.
Miles Davis and Coltrane begins a coppering speaking, music is here, ubiquitous, jazz in particular. Notes forms arabesques
and fusion with what comes inside, from this distant place where a complex alchimy creates fulls and empties...
In a few days, after a slow gestation, work will appears, more or less loyal to the received message.
Trying not to make more, listening, simply forward what are given to us, and stay unassuming. Not an easy work !"

Thanks to Frans Krajcberg to bring back carving to my soul.

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