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I was born in May 1982 in Thrace, Bulgaria, state Europe.
I graduated Art Academy and a graduate course of Directing Film and Animation.
In 1996 I attended drawing classes in Moscow,then I travelled around Russia(St.Petersburg) and I exhibited my artworks in Samara(Russia).
Since 1999 I exhibited my artworks in Sofia(the capital of Bulgaria);
then in Italy;Belgium;Iran;Constantinople.
I've spent some time in Western Europe;sold my canvases in France,Sweden and so on.
As a storyboard artist I have working in Italy and in Hollywood,California.
The work of the artist is bounded with asking for investments from elsewhere.
Nevertheless I'm trying to reinvent myself by financing my art on my own.
I've developing my ideas for films in forms of graphic literature(graphic novels).
I presently working freelance in the sphere of black & white drawing,cartoon,illustration,painting and photography.
Everything else comes from something else.
Novells are ussually about words and emotions both of which are notoriously difficult to translate into film(graphic novel or a single still).Hence that kind of art relies on visuals and plot.
So, I still finding my artistic way.
When I created my stills and graphic literature I liked to walk into an environment and roam around to find the angles and images that I wanted.Ussually I spent time lighting the sets and to further my drawing and visualizing skills.
The themes of my art is contemporary;
The responsibilities and abuses of power,the relationship of the individual to the state,war,militarism and so on

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