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Artist - painter, Isabelle Jacq Gamboena is of Spanish origin. Very early, she practises the drawing, painting and is also initiated with the dance. She resides in France until she leaves food to North Africa, with her family, during seven years. Then, she returns in France and crosses a new period of artistic and practical inspiration painting with frenzy.

Then, Isabelle goes up to Paris to be formed at the 'École Nationale Supérieure of the Fine arts' and she obtains Diploma. Her pictorial practice leads her to expose in several Galleries and Salt art. During this period, she regularly accomplishes travels for ressourcer. Egypt, Mexico, Morocco and Spain are some of her destinations. The music , singing and the Flamenco dance are her principal sources of inspiration. Plunging in painting, Isabelle makes spout out on the fabric of the dancers represented in ' sonores landscapes '. Through colors, lines and light, she paints the beauty and works in a poetic universe to express the pulsations of the life which emanate from the music, the song and the dance. Also portraitist, Isabelle likes to translate the expression of a guitarist, a dancer or a singer transfigured by the fire of the duende. Flamenco impregnates in-depth her life and her painting with the Eastern pigments.

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