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Artist Statement

Since violence is not only a Colombian reality but also a calamity that is shared with many other countries. I have created Alegorias Collection not only as a reflection of Colombia but also as an unintentional reflection of those places that have also experienced the obliteration created by armed conflict.
Although this collection is not created to make a visual rendering of the absolute reality of such complex problems, it does have the intention to remind people that: 
 “Violence doesn't finish at the end of a war, the consequences will follow the heritage of those violent actions, in our social behavior and our way of thinking.“                                    HRSanchez

To me creation of art is like an impulse, a need to express the horrors of human brutality. Violence that explodes in colorful compositions that contrast and evokes social bleeding, tireless armed conflict, and a society that has been pillaged by social intolerance and war. The work evolves from the deconstruction of the human form. In a process that begins with the understanding of a conflict that encapsulate multiple feelings like frustration, anger, hope and perhaps the opportunity of change. I capture this through the use of the woman’s body. A body that has the ability to transform and adapt as is clearly represented in her natural ability to bring life. A life that is also able to bring the opportunity of renewal.  In a time in which the anger and the frustration of war can be polarizing as it is the sensuality of the female body that is capable of changing the entire equation. This is therefore a symbol of opportunity that is renewed through out my works.

As complement to the woman figure as symbol I introduce in my paintings, strong contrasts of color that convey the extreme emotions provoked by Colombia’s plight. Elements of sensibility and eroticism are portrayed by abstractions of the human figure. Geometrical figures represent social conditions that provoke the consistent cessation of ambivalence. Furthermore, I use a variety of mediums that enable me to fully express these complex emotions within my work. I acknowledge the internal conflict of Colombia. This is exemplified by a denouncement and rejection of the atrocities that not only affect my country but many other places around the world. As a result, the will for life and the human spirit are also attached to all aspects of my paintings, as well as to the “artifact sculptures” that complement the esthetics and dynamics of the paintings with an even stronger message of today’s social and political struggles

By: Hernando Rico Sanchez

1979  HRSanchez is born in Bogota - Colombia    ( live and work in New Jersey  USA )

Education:  NYC / New Jersey - USA
 2000 -05 Fine art degree in Kean University Instructor:  Johann M. Jochnowitz,  David Troy.  1999 The Art Student League of New York Instructors: Larry Poons, Bruce Dorfmann.Bogota - Colombia 1998 - 99 Studies with Fransisco Ruiz  Argentinian Professional artist. 1997 - 98  Rodrigo Carvajal ( ROCA ) workshop Colombian Professional artist.  

Publication:  2005 The Aurora review magazine winter edition 2005 The Aurora Review Magazine fall edition 2003-04   To be published by Noble House “London” poem included in  a book call “Colures of the heart” to be relies on  Febrery 2004. 2003  Published by Noble House “London”  poem included in a book  call “Theatre of the mind”. Published by The International Library of Poetry  (Www.Poetry.com) poem include in a book call “ the best poems and poets of 2003”.  2002  Published by The International Library of Poetry (Www.Poetry.com) poem include in an audio collection call “the sound of poetry”.  2001  Published by The International Library of Poetry (Www.Poetry.com) poem include in a  Book call “Timeless Mysteries“.
1996 Design for the back cover of  long play,  print by (EPE)  Experimental pedagogic school.  

Group Exhibitions: 2007 M.I.A.D Venado Tuerto Provincial Museum of Fine Art “Rose Galileo De Rodriges” City of Santa Fe – Argentina. 2006 Altered Esthetics Gallery “Guerrilla art show“ Minneapolis, Minesota – USA. 2006 M.I.A.D Venado Tuerto 2006 Municipal Museum of fine arts “Juan B. Castagnino” City of Rosario – Argentina. 2005 Descourtenay gallery "Ambassadors' art prize Chatelet - Belgium. 2005 15th Tuyap Istanbul art fair "Artist 2005 Istanbul - Turkey. 2005 Galleria Zero Summer 2005 exhibition Barcelona – Spain. 2005  3rd International Art Festival "Chania 2005"  Chania, Crete – Greece.  2005  Tsunami art auction – conducted by John de Vere  White, of de Veres art auctions . RHA Dublin Ireland . 2004 James Howe Fine art Gallery  Union, New Jersey - USA.  2003 James Howe Fine art Gallery  Union, New Jersey – USA. 1999  Artists Space Gallery.  Night of 1000 drawing. Benefit exhibition. New York City  - USA. 1999 Hungary Cultural House. Contemporary artists exhibition.  New York City – USA. 1997   Experimental pedagogic school (EPE) Annual art exhibition. Bogota – Colombia. 1996  Experimental pedagogic school (EPE) Annual art exhibition.  Bogota – Colombia.

Solo Exhibitions:  2006 James Howe Fine art Gallery  Union, New Jersey – USA. Student Association   House. Permanent exhibition (visual Installation) until 1998 Bogota-Colombia. 

Competitions:  2004  Period Gallery “ Contemporary VI” . 2003 Slow art production “ Emerging artist art competition” 

Currently working in Alegorias Collection and multiple digital art project whit Blubark art group.  

© All of the images on this website are copyrighted original artworks by their author and are protected by international copyright law. No materials in this gallery may be reproduced, copied, downloaded, or used in any form without written permission of the contemporary artist Hernando Rico Sanchez.
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