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I am a painter and visual artist living in Paris. I’m 43 years old.

Self-taught, I give lessons of plastic arts to patients within the mental home where I work for ten years. These activities concern essentially decoration of objects, modelling, sculpture and collage. The supports which we use are very varied: paper, clay, cardboard, canvas, boxes. Well, any material susceptible to open a space into the mind of the patient and push him/her to create something of his own. Sophisticated or simple realizations bring the patient to express his own feelings, to enter the unknown, following a process of elaboration and construction which can be laborious -or not-, and to appreciate the result. I often like very much the realizations of my « pupils ».

The transmission of this empirical knowledge opened little by little the way to my own desire, to my own artistic expression which, through the years, has become the central element of my search for self-fulfillment.

For me, painting is first of all a dreamlike invitation to a journey, to the exploration of oneself, a dive simple or complicated in a roguishly attractive color palette. It is also a continuous search on my own relationship to the world. My paintings  always are positive. I often fin my expression on large-sized canvas. The result : dark but silky colors, mixed with diverse materials such as sand, salt, plaster, etc.

Finishing a work is always a source of satisfaction, however insidiously supplanted by a feeling of real frustration. And it is this frustration, positive but intrusive, that leads me every time towards a new adventure, towards a blank space, towards an empty canvas.

Showing my paintings represents a sharing of these moments of sensation, emotion and pleasure mixed, with the hope that the visitor, the stranger, the one who is not me, gets interested in them.


Unity of colors. Deep and silky colors in an organized chaos. 

Underlying, the same question expresses itself in my paintings: the "objective" time is not the psychic time. There is no synchronization between the time we live in and the time we should live in. I live, we live in a temporal distortion. 

My paintings talk about the non-forgetting, about a frightened and darkened reality. They talk about a door, that we never see, but that we always feel very present. They talk about a key, that we choose to use, or not. They talk about freedom.
That is why, in spite of appearances, in  spite of the visible or the invisible which they show or hide, my paintings also express hope, life, heat and modest recognition of self-knowledge.

Putting outside what I am is on one hand to voluntarily distance from a thought and recovered past, and on the other hand to give to whoever wants, an ounce of dream in a normally complex world.

Isabelle HOSIER, 2009

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