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Paul Holbrecht

Born on 02/06/1964 at Dendermonde, East-Flanders,
Living at Zottegem-Velzeke since 06/1989

Already as a child, as far as my earliest memories reach, I've always been
fascinated by everything that has something to do with creativity. Most of the
time I was doing some trifling, drawing, carpenting or trying out stunts. I also
loved going on hikes, walking in the forest, fishing, ... Briefly: adventure.
Everything except for sitting at a bench for hours in a row, interested me. And
still I consider this as the most normal thing in the world, even though the
school system constantly evolved in a positive way.

I also loved
spending hours on demounting and dissecting several worn off objects and
apparels - yes, even a destructive side wasn't missing -, through which,
according to me, one obtains insights faster than through other, more passive
ways. Above all I admired the one thing that, to me, is almighty: Mother Nature.
Is there any greater work of art? Apart from that, I had the greatest respect
for real artists and craftsmen, who, like nature, are constantly creating,
renewing and repairing, and so they are paying homage to our ever Great Source.

During my course of life I have tried almost every form of art: from
drawing in pencil, pen-drawing in ink, designing posters and T-shirts, painting
on several types of surfaces (walls, skateboards, surfboards, guitars, tables,
clothes, canvas, ...), to decorative drawing, letter drawing, drawing
invitations, birthcards and visiting-cards, engraving glass and stone, tattooing
and designing tattoos, woodcutting and stonecutting. Most of these things I
learned by trying, not always without difficulty. At the age of 12-13 I
practiced drawing-lessons at the Academy of Dendermonde, which was back then in
the same dull, dusty spirit as the normal dayschool. Anyway, that's the
impression I had, and I quit after 2 years.

During all this time, there
was brewing a certain predilection for the tangibility, the authenticity and
unique look of statues and reliefs, more definite for sculptures in stone.
Miraculous and awe-inspiring I found/find all those mysterious stone statues
from the antiquities, which after hundreds, thousands of years of fighting the
elements and occurences, still give us an image on the creations of our
ancester-artists and craftsmen, who provided the styles and sights of our whole

It was a 35 year long search before I discovered my beloved
medium in art: stone sculpting, especially in hard stone, although I won't
exclude any other material in the future. The 4 months training I followed at
the "Beeldhouwerscollectief" in Ghent was highly necessary to learn the
techniques to master naturestone and hardstone.

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