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I grew up in and around NY and art has always been an integral part of my life. Though I did make a foolish, rash decision in high school that I didn't have the talent it took to be a great artist and stopped painting for ten years. Then thanks to a series of serendipitous circumstances I found myself not only in creative mode but also in Art school in Tel_Aviv of all places, where the creative period of my life really began. Still not convinced though that I was "really" an artist I headed off for Paris where I intended to get involved in the film industry and eventually planned to make my own films. But somehow my "destiny" as an artist wouldn't let me get in my own way any longer and while stopping off in a town in Switzerland called Neuchatel to visit a friend I was offered a job in Geneva to help paint a mural. I just couldn't get away from painting no matter how hard I tried! So there I was living in my little garret getting paid to work on a mural and working on my own paintings. And still I was in debate whether or not I was really an artist! And it was a bitter internal debate that was making for sleepless nights and dreamlike days. Then I had a dream, some would call it a nightmare and in it I bled paint and was attacked by creatures from one my paintings. On waking up in a cold sweat I realized the debate was over. Now I could Paint!

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