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3. Hervé Fayolle 

After the Fine arts School of Fine Arts of Marseille, Hervé Fayolle follows the advice of the painter Le Chénier with whom he was in report relationship. From workshop, of Georges Briata painter  of Marseille to Olivier Hallez, by way of François Bret  contemporary painter, he enriches his artistic culture and develops his own researches, he works in dialogue with his friend painter Jean Claude Casanova. 
Since 1972, he teaches decorative arts the LEP SECONDARY SCHOOL FOR VOCATIONAL TRAINING  the joliette in Marseille and for two years in the LEP SECONDARY SCHOOL FOR VOCATIONAL TRAINING  st Louis. 
At the same time In parallel, he  develops a representational graphic work close to artists of the new representation Adami, Monory, Rancillac, Aillaud, Cueco), using the technique of the airbrush dice 1979 and create decorations  of shows  for his friend Michel Melchionne (on 1984- 1985)
The 90s are a turning point in its work, he realizes the first series of " Télé-porteurs ". Wooden vertical structures resuming  the idea of the triptych and conceived  as "objects-paints", playing with the shade  and the light. In 1995, his  searches direct the artist to the conception of computer generated images and will be at the origin of the creation of " the cultural area and the broadcasting of the joliette " of which he will become the president. 
The panels  of 2001-2002 join the continuity of " télé-porteurs  ", where as in the same spirit he conceives  wrought iron objects. Since 1969, he participates in numerous collective and personal exhibitions in France and abroad. 
Researches 2010 2012

The works of 2012 concern essentially the square size, the geometrical forms give a complex overlap and interpenetrate .Une multitude of small drawings, lines, curves, spaces, come to by-pass and to separate objects according to the structure of the forms, as integrated circuits. Colors, mostly in harmonies of yellow, orange-colored, green give an effect stained-glass window to these drawings.
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