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For the culture of the taste of the meditation,
for the struggle of the shade and light,
for the curiosity of the interior life,
for the search of expressionnism,
for the passion of pictorial art,
for a right glance...

In the view of Cathy Dugas, journalist writer.

   Henri Deregnaucourt is trying to find eternity in the deepth of the eyes. A gleam in the eye, time flies so fast. A ray of light shows us sadness or joy. His works reveal great sensibility. When you look at the portraits, you're profondly moved H.D. has adopted their eyes. The artist casts a glance over human nature. If the words can lie, the eyes can't. In the eyes of a child, in these of a tired adult, H.D. shows us with his portraits the human nature. Is everyday life dull ? H.D. finds consolation with the eyes of his paintings. He paints with feeling.

In the view of Claude Menard, Pastellist.   

          Henri Deregnaucourt describes himself as a ''painter of souls''. Tormented, distressed, he paints without making concessions. He is inspired by eyes of the others. His portraits are done in orls in a specific style (he paints with his fingers like a painter in watercolours). He makes the eyes stand out and shows the deepth of the eyes. It exerts a great fascination over you. When you're looking at each portrait, You see humanity with its sufferings but with beauty and light as well. Henri Deregnaucourt's portraits show us sincerity.




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