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  •  Robert Hennessy / Guildford 4.3.1947 G.B.

 Guildford School of Arts and Crafts / 1962 - 1963 / Graphic Design / Illustration.
Farnham School of Art and Crafts / 1964 -1968 / Art History / Drawing / Painting.
G.T.C. Croydon, London / 1971 - 1972 / Silkscreenprinting.
Grafische Lyceum, Rotterdam / 1991 - 1992 / Graphic Design / Illustration.
Opatel, Rotterdam /2001-2002 / DTP. / Web Design.


MFC Spykenisse.
Ten-Toom-NRP Rotterdam
Amro Bank Rotterdam.
Centraal Hotel Rotterdam.
Nieuwe Aanwinsten 7+8 CBK Rotterdam.
NRP Rotterdam.
Stadhuis Spykenisse.
Exprezzo Delft.
Gallery 't Oude Raadhuis Spykenisse..
Cafe Rjinmond Rotterdam.
AZK Zuid Beijerland.
Gallery 't Oude Raadhuis Spykenisse..
AZK Zuid Beijerland.
AZK Zuid Beijerland.
Holland Art Fair Den Haag
ProvincieHuis Den Haag

Regularly every 2 years by Gallery AZK  Zuid Beijerland. '90 - 2007

  • Statement

 The painters I most respected as early influence are, Vincent van Gogh, Wilem Dekooning, and Francis Bacon.
 The images I consequentially make are unavoidably inner reflections of the physical world.
 The symbols and markings of early man were of interest in my earlier work, it was also a process of understanding my own self -made images, and reasoning the use of paint, in an ever digitalized world.
 Trying to avoid being over-painterly, my recent work relies on roughness of surface and obvious over-painting, on which are placed smaller more detailed, and contrasting images in colour or language or style.
 These images reflect nature, light and dark, gravity, time: unavoidable happenings in life, and behind it all
that old ‘existentialist’ question?
 What are we?

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