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Henk van de Kaa (1958). After my study at the art-academy in Utrecht I kind of fell in love with photography. Photography for me is discovering the outer world. Painting is  a challenge to discover my inner world. Painting is hard labour, sometimes I even feel like I am in labour. After all my pictures are my children. I am not trying to be a contemperary artist. I am just looking for my (higher) Self in the landscape of myself. A universe within that is trying to connect to the world outside. Also to you, the person that is kind enough to read my message.

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About Windows of the Mind

Some time ago I saw a picture of enlarged braintissue. I was amazed. The picture looked just like a painting of the world-famous action painter Jackson Pollock. Of course Jackson Pollock didn't try to paint braintissue. Nevertheless he made abstract paintings that might as well be pure nature. We just didn't know what it was.

I have used and abused this thought for my own work. I want to look without using my eyes. I want to look with my brain. Create abstract paintings that might as well be some enlargement of brain tissue or perhaps it could even be a landscape on a planet that is still unknown to us. A world within that proves to be the same as the world outside our selves.

When you look at the first abstract pain­tings of the series Windows of the Mind, you see all kinds of organic shapes that may remind you of windows. Some of these windows are blurred, you can't see through. You only get to see trans­parent colours; the back­ground is hiding behind this fog of paint.

In some paintings there are so many thoughts, you look at a storm of paint. But as you travel on, you get to see more. Long strokes of a paintbrush that light up like illuminating t­hough­ts. The organic windowframe disappears as you follow your journey through the pages. The matter of paint starts to look more like a land­scape, even though our eyes have never seen anything like it in the world around us.

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