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A method of making prints from a metal plate, usually copper, into which the design has been incised by acid. The copperplate is first coated with an acid-resistant substance, called the etching ground, through which the design is drawn with a sharp tool. The ground is usually a compound of beeswax, bitumen, and resin. The plate is then exposed to nitric acid or dutch mordant, which eats away those areas of the plate unprotected by the ground, forming a pattern of recessed lines. These lines hold the ink, and, when the plate is applied to moist paper, the design transfers to the paper, making a finished print.
Birth: Belgium 1954.
I am etching since 1982
I use all classics methods: Aquatint, dry point, engraving, etching but i am always searching new ways of technical


  •  Fine Arts School Namur (Belgium)
  • Fines Arts Brussels (Belgium)
  • Etching-Lithograph-Screen print

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