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 I was born in Mahdia on the 25th of November 1953. My father is Artist Painter and my mother is Turkish. I had been living in a coloured and exotic environment: I discovered painting very early.
I had studied in many French schools until the university where I have got an administrative training. I have worked in different private societies devoting all my free time to the handiwork.
My father’s busy and varied way of life has gifted me a complex way of thinking;
" Pleasure is the happiness of fools, and happiness is pleasure of wises", they say…
I have been attracted by the splendid and lovely town which is Mahdia. I have been feeling an endless love toward this place; it has aroused inside me a feeling of softness and delicateness, coupled with a romantic and classical aura at the same time.
During my studies, I used to be very balanced and patient. Experience is like a candle behind us, lightening the walking path. Experience has helped me a lot to go on by taking decisions and imposing my own will.
Thanks to my beloved father I have cultivated this little artistic side, furthermore I discovered Art with all its forms and diversities.
Art is a kind of shelter for me, helping me to support my duties as a mother and a wife. It allowed me to unconsciously excel in every step of my existence.
 The little problem I had is that I couldn’t practice oil painting; my father and others thought I could let off my studies to devote my life to Art giving up inevitably any chance to build up a good future life.
    I have been interested in all artistic activities, easy and cheap like crochet, tricot, broidery, sewing, aquarelle, etc.
I could love the beauty without expressing it! I could see all details in things!
As a proverb tells: "Good waiting is better than worse fastness", It was time for me to do what I had always been aiming to do: oily painting!
It was as if a ball breaks down after being full of air.
Since that, I haven't let off and I have been fully living my painting experience.


- From 1995 to 2009: Many collective expositions done at Bizerte with certificates and studies at Sylvain and Lotfi Dridi's establishments.

- Adherence to l'U.A.P.M. (Union of Plastic Artists of Mahdia) with furnished catalogues and future adherence to l'U.A.P.T. (Union of Plastic Artists of Tunisia).

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