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Organic abstraction and fascination with light

Statement from the artist:
   I like to watch the world, and our world is deeply organic and strongly abstract at the same time, and the light brings light to what we see. The cognition of our world goes via organic perception and abstract reflection, thus my art is organic abstraction enlightened with light.

   Agnieszka graduated from the Graphic Department of W. Strzeminski's Fine Arts Academy in Lodz (Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Lodzi im. W. Strzeminskiego) in 1990. During her studies she made professional specialization in graphic design and engraving. Diploma work was completed with the highest marks in graphic design and photography, and is used as model opus in Poland and abroad.
    From 1990 Agnieszka has been active professionally on the fields of graphic design and photography. As an artist she has been dealing a lot with drawing and painting, and artistic photography as well. She worked as graphic design specialist in Promotional Departments of local government and self-government offices, as well as in local  publishing agencies and graphic studios. Within last dozen of years Agnieszka created many graphical symbols, logos and company signs, she designed many publications and arranged various promotional affairs.
   Since a couple of years she has been devoted mainly to painting on canvas in own mixed technique. Various series of works are being brought into living, recent series is called "Nights and Days".

INDIVIDUAL painting exhibitions:

  • April 2003: an exhibition "Ogrody Snów Przemilczanych" (Gardens of Untold Dreams) took place at "Nowa Gdynia" gallery presenting sets of paintings from years 1997/8 and 2000/1.
  • June 2005: an exhibition "mooie nederlandse..." at NOWA Gallery (LDK, Lodz) presenting impressions from the Netherlands: paintings on canvas from years 2004/05.
  • April 2008: "nights & days" exhibition at TiG Gallery (Warsaw) presenting paintings on canvas
    from years 2006/08.
  • March 2009: "Light-loving" - presentation of canvas paintings from years 2007/9 at Carte Blanche gallery in Lodz.

Some words about the paintings by poet and art reviewer Piotr Groblinski:
   "The structural line: Strzemiński - Fijałkowski - Bigoszewski is interlaced with organic, secessionist thread of personal yarn.
   A canvas prepared in such way is then batik dyed with inks of moods, placed in frames of viewed expositions and embroidered with chaste, pastel themes. Everything is embellished with acrylic glaze.
   Complex technique enables the artist to plan details in several layers, yet forcing to view pictures from different angles.
Because the light is the director displacing the emphases... But who is the director of light?"

Please, take a look, enjoy the galleries, and see more on my AGstudio web.

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