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I have always been connected to the art world...

After literature studies, I performed on stage  as an opera singer during several years. In between two gigs, I kept on writing poetry, prose, fantasy short stories, and drawing funny characters and scenes.

I carried on singing, orienting myself toward rock and jazz, then blues and appearing on various stages.  I then published a suspense novel, many other books and written for magazines. 
I learned by myself photography, then video. 

I wanted to sculpt for many years.  One night ,the concept became obvious to me: the computer, this sacrosanct object of our time, on which everyone was relying, had to become the basis of my creations.  One had to destroy the sacred aura surrounding it, to remove its omnipotence and put it back in people's hands.  Weren't they supposed to remain its masters?

The magic of software always fascinated me.  That the infinitesimal may engender the infinitely great proceeds from a miracle analogue to those I experience in my worlds.  Thus, it was easy to imagine this machine, this life instrument, in all possible eras and uses.
From there on, ideas did not cease to flow in and they continue to do so.

A few words on the phases of my creation:
In the beginning, the work is coarse.  One can feel the matter struggling to take shape, it is still tormented, confused, mixed up.  I follow my idea, knead, look for the adequate shape, posture and expression.  Or, I melt, stretch, push back, fashion.

Then comes a delicate moment, a bridge, a space-time continuum where matter tries to get back to chaos.  I need to go over that sometimes difficult moment and refrain from throwing violently everything away.

At last, a turning point is passed.  My creation gets alive and I smile.  When I smile, I know I have achieved what I desired.

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