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In 1996 I began to mould clay and the first pieces which emerged from my new approach to sculpture were faces, young girls’ or women’s faces with their eyes closed as in sleep or half-sleep.

            Afterwards there appeared bodies : feminine nudes in languorous postures, women’s bodies proffered in voluptuous sleep. Little by little, the bodies drew close together and ended up clasped in loving embraces of a sort of wild quest for pleasure.

            From 1997 to 1999, most of my work was aimed at expressing sensuality and erotic emotion : images and postures abounded, inspired by the reality of life and tending towards the most simple and straightforward expression of the vast question of Human Desire.

            Moreover, creating images was for me a keen response to, and a tangible manner of compensating for, the absence of physical sight.

            From 2000 on, my work has gradually moved away from the sway of  realistic representation : little by little I freed myself from stiff academic conventions and opened myself to unsuspected discoveries, brand new prospects half-way between the symbolic and the abstract : it became a necessity for me to make room for, and give free rein to, my own imagination and images.

            Lines, movements, geometrical figures, full or empty volumes... -each of my new sculptures becomes an instrument for forming and in-forming Space. It’s a calligraphy, also a dance occasionally.

            Today, the question of balance and imbalance is a theme I feel very enthusiastic about, from a technical point of view to start with, but also on account of what derives from such a theme or what it can engender. Indeed, I believe that it’s a theme fit to confront us, more or less consciously, with our own ways of thinking our relation to the world and to the others and of putting them into practice.

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