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I was born in Roubaix and now live in Brussels as a painter.

My work is an open book that enables me to engrave my unconscious as it goes along and my state of mind for eternity.

I want it to allow your imaginative world to be transported through its colours and stories

I want its gliding abstraction to embrace your uncertainties to provide you with an honest and sharp answer regardless of its positive or negative aspect.

The aim of my art is to be your guide through its style evolution or its return to the instinct of shape.

It will represent the young generations’ evolution in their perception of art as a vital necessity to their minds.

It will engender the vivid and raw emotions of each instant lost under daily routine’s heavy weight.

« … the primitive powers of what is called the syncretic vision (…) inherent in childhood, which never focuses on discovering details but rather grabs the global rhythm of any situation or picture which elements will then become variable and permutable.” (Serge Goyens de Heusch)

My best friend, my only judge, my capricious girl of brazen truth, knows nothing but love: the reflection of a fulfilled life…

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