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In 1980, Gérard Bertrand was working on etchings at the "Beaux-Arts" of Angers (France).
This was followed by 12 sets for which he imposed on himself very strict rules as far as size, color, support and theme are concerned and these rules change for each different set. 
The integration in his work of photographic material or illustrations from ancient magazines became increasingly obvious as years went by.
His latest sets "The Album of Franz Kafka", "The Album of Marcel Proust" and "The Album of Alfred Hitchcock" emphasize this technique as in order to produce his pictures, he now assembles digitalized elements, thus making up his new sets of "recomposed photographs".

1980 to 1984, etchings
" Images de rencontres "
1985 to 1987, acrylics on velin paper with collages :
" Images d'ailleurs "
 1988 to 1989, acrylics on canvas :
" Du noir à la couleur "
 1990 to 1993,  : acrylics on canvas
" Regards perdus "
1994 to 1995, acrylics on canvas
" Fantographies "
1993 to 1995, watercolors :
" Papiers peints "
1996 to 1997, acrylics on canvas :
" Lieux communs "
1998 to 2001, watercolors and collages :
" L'Araignée des chaudières "
2002 to 2003, "recomposed photographs":
" The Album of Franz Kafka "
 2003 to 2005, "recomposed photographs":
"The Album of Marcel Proust"
2006 to 2007, "recomposed photographs":
"The Album of Alfred Hichcock"
Since 2007:

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