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Whatever the aspirations or the vocation which lead me to furnish my fabrics, only the need for a strong discharge system guides me.

It is in 1996 that this ethics of life became an obviousness. Obviousness whose translation gave place to the realization of a multitude of works. A work so personal that it gave only very few occasions to expose itself. It was mainly the case within the framework of the exhibitions carried out by the Friendly Artistic one of Bourg en Bresse (01 France). It is led by the will of an exchange and to live a beautiful human adventure near people and formidable artists.

Art is the refuge of the heart and the spirit. It releases from alienations, makes it possible to see reality and to give it to the others thus returning the infinite one finished and by combining the infinite one in finitude.

The abstract aims at the emotion, it is able to produce it and in this direction it is ready to exceed the useful one and material nature. It is so that my unconscious and my conscious covets, expressing them jointly and thus returning unconscious conscious space of a time.

Total freedom vis-a-vis the abstract? it is not to admit any restriction. To paint on bottom of entreated hatred and assumed derision. It is really too absurd to want to reproduce an image, one did it too much, one copied nature and the man too much: what does there remain T to say some? Aesthetic reflexion with myself, it is my own experiment of my judgement of taste.

I do not await anything the material world but all the immaterial one. I am turned over, it does not have there large thing in my back. I look in front of, it does not have nothing the whole there. Creative force of the most total freedom.
In the abstract art, I seek my own vocabulary far from the whole naturalist. It is a process of experimentation which excludes the useless one. Painting is detached from any subject, of any representation of the concrete world. Formal research and significant experiment of the color and the matter which express my release of very forced compared to reality.

Painting is sufficed for itself: it is reconsidered as an object. The table is a whole: space, framework with the fabric, all is confused. Authority alone of the form and the color queen.

And if ever the idea of already considering you came to mind, I would answer only by this: art comes from art, art generates art. The richness of a table and that of a true painter holds in the assimilation of the former ideas and their development by a personal capital contribution.
Any work can be bearable. That depends on the distance with which one looks at it or quite simply thickness of the layer of varnish which covers it. And if ever exists the praises, one receives them like slaps without being able to take them, not, it is necessary to thank, smile…

 Doing  painting because the life is not enough, because it is able to bring only the bare minimum to you. Here is a table or what one sees it is the interior.

 It is a painting which owes all at the moment which gives him birth. To open with all the requests of the thought: supreme clearness to burst with the face of the fabric.

To be fresh as children who have just been born in front of the fabric by mingling maturity with it with the adult, with the weight of his hopes, his concern, his memories, his knowledge and his erotisms. When a red spot on the fabric exists, that wants to say something moreover than “red”, or than “black”, or than “blue”.

But how to speak about a thing which is expressed without words. It should be seen. Because the feelings are not explained with words, because the heart of or they results belongs to each one and for anybody of other then it should be seen…
                                                                            Extract of multiple thoughts carried out at the time of the actions of creation.

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