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For years now , I have shown a strong interest for our human duality : " body and soul ". I definitely prefer to paint without human models to express colors and shapes of the soul in a no man’s land , no time frame environment . Each painting contains elements of a human body in a suggestive indifinite time period ; also because each painting brings its own message of emotion , light. or shade.

From my point of view , human emotions may be the only "real " thing that makes anything else what it seems to be and also makes most of any creative act possible. On the other hand , our body is without a doubt the most fascinating creation tool or subject . In this way , I would like my artwork to honor all artists or athletes , who use or shape their bodies as tools meant to create wonder and ennoble the soul.

I prefer to paint mostly with acrylic medium , pastel or both on large scale canvas and should say that Renaissance painters may have had an influence on my artwork. My latest artworks are a mixture of sculpture and painting in order to bring different light and shade effects. It may be called " haut-relief" ( high relief ) .I am constantly in a quest for Symetry, Emotion, Nuance , and Sensibility . A quest for SYMETRY so generously given by mother Nature, an EMOTION as a soul and spirit’s catalyst , a NUANCE coming from light and shade and finally a SENSIBILITY greatly inspired by realism.

If NATURE always reminds us all these caracteristics , I humbly strive to bring into my paintings all inside and outside beauty of man kind.

I would like to thank all those who supported my work throught out these years and mostly those who still share my dreams to find this light of emotion within each of us.

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