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The metamorphosis of reality
Anamorphosis of reality
Memory of réality

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Jacob Franach van Rhirf was born in Dijon in 1968. He lives today in the north of France. This young painter baroque uses a very personal technique being located between photorealism and divisionnism. Its very last exposures took place in Compiegne in Oise.This child who never ceased painting marked out his memory of strong images then reproduced in a raw way or skilfully deformed. These images which all build us, it is we who build them each one with our own sensitivity vis-a-vis the event, and it is precisely that which it manages to show us by a subliminal painting, vision abstracted for the ones, perfectly concretes for the others. The movement, the force, courage or cowardice, environments which put our sensitivity in awakening are like pieces of memories gathered by the painter, to bring back quite real impressions to us. The abstraction of the form is opposed to the bursting of the tone and of the colors, anamorphoses plunge us in fear, the violence which concentrates and launches the painting of Franach does not need large sizes, they are small masterpieces with oil.

Expose in France and abroad since 1997

Last exposure:september-october in Paris

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