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Pascal Fouratier trained as a sculptor, cabinetmaker.

Craftsman, he restores or copies of any furniture style.

Artist, he creates sculptures and furniture to suit his fancy or custom.

In his work of sculptor cabinetmaker, Pascal Fouratier explores the many facets of this multidimensional, multifaceted, strange and wonderful phenomenon which is Life.

Our human life, invested with a breath unknown and yet irrepressibly leads us to a mysterious elsewhere (Start), our life, sometimes hampered and abused by the evil forces (The Bamboyouse, O-Pressure, Conflict, The Proper of Man ...), our life, fragile (Erosion, The Great Match Girl, The Lightness of Being ...) and yet triumphant (War and Peace, Renaissance, Evolution ...)

Life sometimes tormented spirits in an afterlife may be close to our tangible reality (Phantom of Niépce, Ectoplasm, Ghost, Ghost Prisoner ...)

Animal life, of beings private language, but so close to us and whose natural grace can make us revive the great cosmic cycles.

Humor, sometimes caustic (Destinies of Rabbits, Fauteuil de tout Repos ...) is very present in the work of Pascal Fouratier. But laughter is not it "the human’s own" and the manifestation of vital energy ?
Fouratier’s workshop

The workshop of Pascal Fouratier is in Le Creusot (Saône-et-Loire - France), a city where he was born

Pascal Fouratier represents the third generation of family Fouratier who works with wood.

His grandfather, Maurice Fouratier, founded the woodworking shop in 1928, then again by his father, Bernard Fouratier, who worked as a cabinetmaker until 1986.

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