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Invent, bring together, explore.

40 years later, the images in an art book I read as a child still haunt and nourish me. The limitless shapes and colours of Kandinsky and Pollock, the extraordinary worlds and objects of Magritte and Dali, the faces and deformed bodies of Buffet and Bacon.
I was frightened, captivated, transported to unsuspected worlds and later attracted by their allegorical interpretations.
These ambiguities soon echoed a fascination with the infinite universe.
From the volume of gaseous nebulae to the roundness of the planets, from the beauty of the galaxies to the frightening black holes, these organisations of matter and light, of colour and movement... 
Translating these harmonies and conflicts with terrestrial materials is what I try to do. 

Primitive structures and naive forms emerge from a daydream, a word or an image. Chaotic and contrary combinations follow, which must be harmonized and reconciled with a constant concern for technicality. I delve and venture into surrealism, the abstract and the figurative.
Self-taught, I express myself through processes and know-how drawn from construction, craftsmanship and decorative arts on raw materials, materials, objects or elements that have been diverted. 
The oxidation of a metal by acid, the unpredictable deformation of a resin under heat, the reflections of a polished stone, the almost biological aspect of molten lead, the multiple potentials of modern mortars, the many aspects of copper.... All this attracts me and motivates me to discover more.
The work, under construction, gradually expresses its singular message, which is softened when it lights up. A mutation of this expression takes place when leaving the studio, the environment modifying its character. 
I then specify the subject of the work once completed.
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