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"Anything can be seen, touched, measured, explained, understood, discussed, it is for the artist imaginative nothing more than a mean, because he belongs to the invisible life, and he always introduces it in its ancient revelation and always new... the only limit which he can obey is that mysterious instinct that has done of him an artist and that it teaches him to discover the immortal states of the soul in the mortal desires..." - William Butler Yeats

Fabio Bonini is born in Brescello (Italy) in 1965.

He reveals, since from his youth, a remarkable propensity to the sketch and the painting.

He has frequented, sharpening his artistic qualities, in the Institute of Art "P.Toschi" of Parma.

He participates in various exibhitions and artistic demonstrations in Italy.  

The myth, the dream, the visions are often one sprout for the artist Fabio Bonini, in whose works melt and confuse the truth and the fantastic, the ancient and the contemporary, the exterior and the internal; where forms, figures and archetypes are evoked among vibrating colors that directly talk to the soul overcoming the rationality.    
The cromatism is strong, opposed and sometimes violent but always lacking from hypocrisies, involving and forehand. The forms confuse with the colors, or they bossily emerge from them evoking memoirs, suggestions or, more often, opening a door toward a world away from the contingent, where they find space ancient Gods and ancestral memoirs, that still speak to us over the veil of the appearances and the senses that the artist stuns with cacophonies of shades orgiastic and intoxicating.    
His works are not immediate, they are studied and meditated, like mandalas, where the eye doesn't find rest in the detail inducing the observer to investigate in depth, up to not only gather an aesthetics exterior but, above all, to turn to the inside, rediscovering and finding again in his/her own mind synthesis and meanings.

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