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Everett Spruill was born in Birmingham, Alabama. After attending High School at George Washington Carver, in Birmingham, Everett went to Berea College in Kentucky, where he majored in business. Everett was exposed to museums, and classical music at an early age and would prove to have a great influence on his artistic development.  "I really enjoyed mechanical drawing classes and wood working projects as a kid. I also had an ear for music so mom insisted I have voice and piano lessons". 

For more than 20 years Everett, a self-taught artist, has been involved in collecting and creating works of art. He currently conducts art workshops for Central Florida youth and is former owner of The Ethnic Art Gallery, Orlando, Florida.

Everett advocates the necessity of art to enrich our lives and firmly believes the arts help us all become well -rounded and constructive individuals. Everett is most known for his early collages and works on paper, notably, his "Old School Jazz and Blues Series", which feature colorful images of the fathers and legends of our own American art form known as Jazz. After graduating from Berea College and working as a Hotel Manager until 1989, Everett began his career as a full time professional artist. Everett is influenced by American Artists Arthur Rayford, Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence  Elizabeth Catlett, Charles White and Frank Stella to name a few.

 As a mid career artist Everett explores his personal world of contemporary aesthetics and culture.  He creates a dialogue with the viewers of his ethnically inspired images using his own mixed media visual language.  Spruill creates images in bold colors, using a variety of mediums.  His images are ethereal, thought provoking and spiritual as they illustrate his Afro-centric visions.
Spruill communicates his unique artistic language through the use of intense color and rich surface textures. The image is further enhanced with African inspired patterns, and hand written social commentary to further communicate with the viewer.
Paint, photos, various types of hand-made paper, layers of glazes, watercolor, pen and ink, pastel and charcoal, to name a few,  are Everetts’ tools for conversing with the viewer.  Extensive use of airbrushed-hand cut stencils, African textiles shells and symbols further enhance his visual language.
These elements transform the pictorial image into a work of art that has true meaning while transforming the canvas into a rich opulent surface that invites the viewer to take a closer look. 

 Spruill, also an innovative printmaker, transforms his original mixed media collages into unique original graphics.  The results are evident to the viewer, as he adeptly creates images using a process he invented using elements of serigraphy.
Everett accepts both public and private commissions and his work is in corporate and private collections worldwide.



 "My creations have been categorized as Contemporary / Abstract Mixed Media Collages.  I have three styles and use a wide variety of found objects, including, but not limited to, shells, magazine pages, tissue, postage stamps, various paint mediums, photographs, cut and torn hand-painted paper, air-brushed hand-cut silk-screens, drawings, and computer manipulated images.  Central themes for my creations are centered on Music (Jazz and Blues), African Cultures and the African-American Experience, and most of all “Family”.
 As a self-taught artist my techniques are the result of extensive experimentation but mostly from studying works of great contemporary masters.  I focus on the importance of drawing, composition, tone and mixing colors in each creation. Coupled with my own sense of color and design I developed my own distinctive styles."

"Most of my creations begin with photographs or several thumbnail sketches. Harmony and contrast are important qualities I want in my work and it becomes even more important in the works I call “Intuitive Creation” (Mindscapes, Tribal Rhythms and Middle Passages Series) because these images are created mainly by letting go of conscience thoughts and relying more on instinct. Because the steps are intuitive and emotional rather than cognitive, many times the exact processes are forgotten, the end result is therefore difficult to repeat. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with a completed work when it consist of the all important variables of line, shape, color, texture, repetition, and balance."

 "The creative processes for my “Intuitive Creations” follow a number of steps. I use gloss varnish to adhere drawings, photos, postage stamps or torn and cut paper to the substrate. Transparent tissue is applied partially covering and connecting the first images.  Using a wet-on-wet technique, watercolor and acrylic washes and lines (mostly primary colors) are applied, allowing colors to run, and partially covering and connecting the adhered images into a harmonious unit." "To create textural effects, clear acrylic gel is applied by knife and scored or scraped into patterns. I then Airbrush through several hand cut stencils to apply opaque symbols and designs that will unite the composition.  Accents and highlights are added with splattered and dripped acrylic paint. These steps are not always followed in this order, and some may not include all the elements mentioned."
 My representational images (Jazz and Blues and Family series) include combinations of the same techniques, materials and processes mentioned previously, however, the central figure begins with a drawing, usually from photos. Paper, fabric or photos are cut to form the various sections of the image and or background and are assembeled together like a puzzle." "I work only on archival acid-free mat boards, watercolor paper, and canvas.  Hardwood panels are sometimes used for smaller images and are triple primed and sealed with stain resistant varnish to prevent yellowing from the acids in the wood. Permanence and longevity are a major concern, every effort is taken to best preserve and protect the work by using archival paints (non-toxic) and substrates free of materials that shorten the life of the work.  Each work is protected front and back first with mat varnish and finally with a gloss acrylic varnish.

Awards, Achievements ,Productions,
Publications, Exhibitions, Commissions and


1.     Commission-  1998 University of Central Florida -Diversity Poster
2.     Commission- February 1998 Walt Disney Worlds Black Heritage Poster
3.     Commission- February 1997 Walt Disney Worlds Black History Poster
4.     Commission- October 1997 Disney’s Pleasure Island Jazz Festival Poster
5.     Commission- March 1997 Lucent Technologies Annual Conference Logo Design.                                                     
6.     Commission- 1997 UCF McKnight Center, Program/Poster Design.
7.     Commission- 1996 Orlando Housing Authority/Mural Design.
8.     Commission- 1993 Mural Design-City of New Smyrna Beach - Babe James Center.
9.     Commission- 1993 Mural Design- Orlando Fights Back-Ethnic Art Gallery Mural.
10.Commission- 1995 Mural Design- Evans High 9th Grade Campus.
1 1.   Publication- 2000 January Issue, Black Enterprise Magazine -  2000 Calendar  Sponsored by Walt Disney World Resorts.
12.. Publication-  1999  Featured Artist-Channel 21- Community Forum,
     13.Publication- 1999 Winter Issue, O Arts Magazine-
“The State of Black Art” - Featured Artist.
14.Publication- October 1999 Issue, Black Family Today Magazine-
                              Featured Artist.
15.Publication- 1998 Atlanta Black Arts Festival Souvenir Book.
Design for Walt Disney Resorts Advertisement.
16.Publication- December 1996 Issue, Black Family Today   Magazine-          “The Art Around Us”- Featured Artist.
17.Publication- December 1996 Issue, Black Family Today    Magazine-  Featured Artist.
18.Publication- March 1999 Issue, Black Family Today Magazine-
                             Featured Artist.
19. Exhibition-   2000 Zora Hurston Festival of Arts,Eatonville, Fl.
     20. Exhibition-  1999 Zora Hurston Festival of Arts, Eatonville, Fl.
21. Exhibition-  1998 National Black Arts Festival, Atlanta Ga.
22. Exhibition-   December 1999 Eatonville Town Hall, Eatonville, Fl.
23. Exhibition-   1997 Osceola Center for the Arts, Kissimmee, Fl.
                              P.O. Box 451088  Kissimmee, Fl. 34745
24. Exhibition-   1995 Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, Fl

                             Art After Dark, The Exploration of Ethnic Art.

25. Exhibition-   1994 Osceola Center for the Arts, Kissimmee, Fl.
26. Exhibition-   1993 Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Bch,Fl.
27. Exhibition-   1992 Zora Hurston Museum of Art, Eatonville, Fl.
28. Publication- Dec.2000 - Jan.2001 Music Issue ,O! Arts Magazine-
                             "Cover and article illustration"- O-Town Jazz.
29. Commission- 2002  Designed Mentors Award - Central Florida YMCA
30. Award- 2002  Best of Show Award – Devereux Annual Arts Festival
                              Orlando, Florida
31. Commission – 2001  YMCA 150th Anniversary Poster Design
                              Miami-Dade County, Florida
32.  Commission – 2003  Harambee Poster Design & Book Cover
                                      Central Florida YMCE – Y Achievers Program
33.  Exhibition – 2002  Epcot Annual Food & Wine Festival-
                                              Walt Disney World, Florida
34.  Exhibition – 2003  Epcot Black Heritage Celebration
                                        Walt Disney World, Florida
35.  Exhibition – 2003  Wells’Built Museum of African American History & Culture, “The Inventors of Jazz”  Orlando, Florida
36.  Exhibition – 2003  Osceola Arts Festival,  Kissimmee, FL
37.  Award -  2003  Purchase Award- Osceola Art Festival
    Kissimmee, FL
38.  Commission        - 2004   “B.ONE” Jazz Band of Orlando, FL.
                                            Debut CD cover design.
39. Exhibition – 2004  One Man Show -  Steinway Piano Gallery
“The Spice of Life”- Recent Works by Everett Spruill
40 Exhibition – 2005  Celebration Art Festival, Celebration Florida. Juried Festival- Honorable Mention.
41. Exhibition – 2005 Maitland Art Festival, Maitland FL.
Juried Arts and Crafts Festival.
       42.   Exhibition – 2005  Orlando City Hall – Mayors Gallery.
“Journey Through Obstacles”.
43. Art Donation - Jazz Museum in Harlem 2005
44. Exhibition – Jan. – Mar. 2007 Orlando City Hall – “The African American Perspective”.
45. Exhibition – Feb. 2007 Creative Spirit Art Gallery, Orlando, FL
       46 Exhibition – March 2007 “Aspirations of the Human Spirit” 
       City Arts Factory - Community Gallery, Orlando, FL.
       47. Juried Exhibition – March 2007 – Ridge Art Association Art       
               Festival, Winter Haven, Fl.
       48. Juried Exhibition – March 2007 – Celebration Spring Art   
                 Festival, Celebration Florida.
        49. One Man Show – May 2007 – Steinway Galleries, Altamonte
                Springs, Fl.
         50. One Man Show – June 2007 – The Gallery at Avalon Island
                 Orlando, Florida.
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