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I dig, seek and searches in the matière-couleur* (More… if intellectual and artistic affinities….to see in my personal pages my analyses of works then my artistic approach ) to find the innate direction of the things, the petrol even of the truth coiled within their matter-colors and their potential-maximum-energy, it is the discovery of this substantial marrow or materiae preceded which since approximately the 15 years age guide the artistic approach which animates me through the Abstract art and me gives the taste to continue to live in the sense that when one sees all these wars, all these dramas and violences within our world, it is necessary to be touched not to become insensitive but not either in being destroyed to live to discover with the interior one things, and beings, energy the heart which still beats under the ice behind the mirror to discover the truth which hides there….to make fall the masks from appearances it is there I recognize it the essential engines of my research which involve me always ahead towards a approach of personal introspection on the analysis of my own truths because where is for me the pure interest if it is not that to still progress and always by the other through the other and beyond the other all that generates the engine of my approach similarities of felt of the difference also of the spectator with respect to my paintings are born the true frank exchange, through art I like to know the spectator to become in his creative turn of its characteristic universe travelling through my paintings and creating its own history my paintings happily travels and transports their universal messages to through the world and lead me more still to want to translate the emotions by the abstract art, they touch, they also move they indifferent in all the cases they interact sometimes they convey angers with respect to what the company offers to us to see (wars, conflicts, injustices) for example in work entitled: War Lyricism for example where in a metaphorical way I translate a war which would be done lyric with the unmatched agreements of complementary in the limbic reds blood and greens the use of the favourable red to translate these emotions according to the symbolism of the colors but this strong red dominating in my paintings, it is also passion because without this passion I could not create for messages of harmony, from softness I will draw from the pallet of the blue ones which remain the best most favourable catalysts to express them at least all what it should be known it is that I passed my childhood near my grandparents  in the middle of the Vendée, in a small village with St Cyr of Gâts to about fifteen kilometers of Fontenay the Count, and this, until the five years age.It is about towards this age, that I discovered the department bordering in the Vendée: Two-Sevres.I passed in the town of Niort, more exactly, all my adolescence. I obtained besides there at the High school Jean Macé my baccalaureat Visual arts and Letters in 1991.It was for me a splendid department, better known of the public for Venice green in the middle of the marsh from Poitou.
My palette Vendean, at the height potential chromatics, in the middle of its cordial summers to orange red, and blue deep, grows rich gradually, of those of the marsh from Poitou whose Venice green and its marshes brought the rich, major and multiple greens to me.
Some travel in Corsica also brought some modulations coloured to the more particular registers, such as those resulting from the colors of the ground: his, with the umbers or burned, via ochres scintillating or with the luminous gray, but still erudite contrasts of red vermilions to the scarlet reds, without withdrawing infinite the varieties of blue or greens taken in the sea, or nature or the colors intermingle with the strong odors with eucalyptus and the other sumptuous hot colorsIf not, I was born on March 12th, 1970 in Paris I invented my pseudonym: Elle Bory, in 1988 because resulting from my true name Emmanuelle G with light modificationsby facility of writing and signature but also to preserve my family, because I consider that my artistic approach relates to me personally, and I did not want to mingle the name with it with the miens but it is also I recognize it, by pure spirit of independence my artistic approach me At known as is not certain © All of the images on this website are copyrighted original artworks by their author and are protected by international copyright law. No materials in this gallery may be reproduced, copied, downloaded, or used in any form without written permission of the contemporary artist Elle Bory.
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