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Born: July 30, 1974 in Blois, France

1997:  hitch-hikes around Spain, visits Picasso Museum in Barcelona, a revelation... Drawn to writing, he pens "The Spanish newspapers". He also paints his first canvas.

May:  settles in London for several months.
Attracted by American literature (Kerouac, Ginsberg and later John Fante), he writes some texts (taking as a starting point his voyages and experiences) including "London Blues" and "London Swing".

October:  leaves France for six month journey to India and Nepal.  Continues to write and paint. Meets a French painter in Agra (India) who will greatly influence his artistic direction, in particular in learning the art of drawing starting with the live model.

1999: settles in the Asian district of Paris. Begins painting with acrylic resin and examining colour.

January:  first exhibition.
Decides to study the great Masters in an effort to understand their techniques and adapt them. Strongly influence by Henri Matisse and Fauvism, he then studies Picasso, Modigliani, Cubism, and gradually 20th Century art in an attempt to understand its evolution and the techniques employed.
Considers deeply the place of painting in the 20th Century and the relevance of its existence. 

Decides to devote himself entirely to painting and settles in Indre near Crozant and Gargilesse in an area named "L'école de Crozant" where Monet, Guillaumin, Picabia and Léon Detroy stayed.

It is during this period that Mickaël changes medium and from now on will paint with oils, finding it helps in exploring the fields of colour, space and composition. He also paints around fifty landscapes during this period.
:  lives from now on from his painting.


January -February:  travels through Thailand, Laos and Kampuchea.
November:  returns to Paris, commences long series of work on the significance of the figure in space.

 From June,  works in his new studio  "Le ventre de la  baleine" in Pantin, near Paris. Meets painters Todd Narbey, William Sagna, Ricardo Ramirez, Florent Moutti...

First inks on canvas series entitled "Studies".Explores new techniques, new materials and new ways of working in various mediums.
 Series "Dripping #", "Archeology", "Masks" mixing techniques using Indian ink and   oil-based paint.
June: Mickaël Doucet has an exhibition at the "Galerie Parisienne", Paris in the 11th district.


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