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David demonstrated natural artistic abilities at a very young age, having his sketches publicly displayed from the early age of 10.

From his early childhood into his early 20's, David was primarily creating Pencil sketches and Pen & Ink illustrations, mostly portraiture work. He studied Graphic Arts & Fine Arts in San Diego while working as a professional Graphic Designer. Discontent with the slow pace of the classroom, he abandoned school and devoted himself to mastering his craft in the Graphic Arts industry. He continued to focus on developing his technical skills while working successfully as both a free-lance designer and industry professional. Throughout this period, his creative artwork took on many forms, as he was striving to find the right outlet for his creativity. It was during this time that he began painting with Acrylics, Watercolors and Airbrush.

In 2000, he met and became friends with a well-known American artist with an international reputation, who provided David with the direction and focus he had been seeking for so long. David studied one-on-one with the master oil painter Robert Watson for 4 years, until his passing. He reflects that during this time, he learned more about the world of art, both the mental aspect and physical skills, than he had learned in all his years of school.

David spent the next 5 years working to attain a level of skill that his mentor would have approved of, and only began producing work for public display in late 2008, when he felt this objective had been met. David's style reflects what he learned, falling into the category of surrealism and neo-romanticism. All of his training and disciplines have lead him to realize his true passion, which is painting with Oils. It is here that he feels most content, and he is committed to living and learning this method of expression for many years to come. David's works show a continual progression as his skills increase and his ideas stretch to the limits of what he has learned and experienced. Even his subject matter has evolved, while maintaining the same truths he learned from Watson.

Throughout his lifetime, David has made many trips to the San Francisco Bay area in California, and has found a great deal of inspiration there. This area remains one of his favorite places to go when he needs to refresh himself and regain his artistic composure. He has also made numerous trips into Yosemite Valley and to the top of Half Dome as a means to remain engaged with nature. In the future, he would like to visit many "old world" destinations, including Italy, Spain, Greece, Jerusalem and the Middle East to find inspiration and insight for new projects.

In 2006, David moved to Colorado, and has found great joy in the abundance of nature and wildlife, as well as the changing of the seasons. He believes that this move to a much more relaxed community, more in harmony with nature, is what finally allowed him to complete his journey of learning and begin to publicly display his work. As his journey of creation continues, it is his fervent desire to bring many more artists and observers into his unique universe.

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