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I First looked over life in 1947 near Agde antic grec city on french mediterranean shore.

As  a child I was very deeply involved in discovering and understanding the where about of things.

How does it work?.....why do we do it that way?....How it is made?....Very quiet I was spending hours watching  and memorising the ongoing surrounding me…. Let’s say that my grand father mechanical work shop was a great place to be in order to practice this endless and fascinating exercise!

So I was peacefully evolving among mechanics , customers & suppliers without disrupting anything

learning a great deal about life without even knowing it…..

My grand father was a very creative and inventive man, sketching things and people as well in a very caricatural way.

He initiated me to drawing pushing my parents to register me at a private drawing course.

Where I learned the basics of drawing modelling painting and copying of master pieces from 9 year old

to my teen age. By then I became more interest in mechanic and pursued a technical scholarship.

My professional career evolved from designer to managing consultant in purchasing logistic and organisation within industrial manufacturing environment.

Despite a busy international career I never completely stopped drawing and modelling.

The year 2002 was a big turn in my career and life approach.

I decided to spend more time to drawing,  painting and creating . Starting with old master copying.

I slowly evolved toward a more personal approach thank to continuing education.

Where I learned to be more creative. Discovering new supports and new techniques.

I am strongly attracted by atmospheres, architecture, industrial environment, nudes.



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