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Penmanship is the algebra of the heart traced by the body more spiritualized body, its right hand. It is the celebration of invisible by the visible one. (The gold drop - Michel Tournier)

    One day, I discovered an extraordinary art: Latin penmanship. And since 1993, I do not release any more my feathers and my inks. Autodidact, I improved with the likings of the meetings and the training courses.

    Approved national education I teach near the children since 1998. Through various teaching animations (itinerant schools, workshops…), I try since to initiate the public with the art of beautiful written.

    My current artistic research is very contemporary, in constant evolution and direct connection with the matters (resins, pigments, acrylic resins, plastics, metals…).

Distinction: Great price of prestige European arts and Beautiful Letters
Commander about Star of Europe

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