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I am a sculptor not a ceramist. Color and shape inseparable born to an identical needs. The polychromy had in all times previous illustrious: Egyptians, Greeks, Etruscans, Assyrians, from graffiti Cave sculptures of the Renaissance.
Critics said ceramics. I said sculpture.
Making art is one of the manifestations of intelligence;
difficult to determine the limits, the reasons, needs.
There can be a sculpture or painting Space
but only a concept of space.
The element in space in all its dimensions alone evolution of space.
There is an art that can not be for everyone,
and this applies also for all other events
creators, the humanity suffers, and only this we need our civilization
The only freedom is intelligence.
(Lucio Fontana)


Terrecotte / sculptures
The advent of Lucio Fontana as the advent of modern art, as a barrier between art "old" and the avant-garde. Accepted, absorbed the idea, the concept of space art, the doors are open to any interpretation of art, sculpture, having an awareness of conceptual Lucio Fontana. The woman as a matrix of natural shape: full array of non-narrative. These sculptures are reconstructing a figurative / reconstruction of the devastated by the form of modernism, not a return to figurative, but a reconstruction of post-atomic archaeological pieces. In the narrative form and use of particular not used as sculptural objects, but they themselves an integral part if not dominant sculpture itself. Details abnormal = new figuration, special used as a pretext to lead to a new infinity, to have the possibility of a different creativity, until the claim to reconnect at the forefront.
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