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Alain COUDRY, born in Montreal in

In his youth, the main artists who influenced him are, Monet, Odilon Redon, and Jordi Bonet, whom he had met during studio at Rouville Campbell Manor house, in Saint-Hilaire in 1977.

In 1979, he worked as a commercial artist, while painting actively. The same year, he is an exhibitor to the first international Festival of the arts in the velodrome of Montreal. In this period of time, his oil had especially for subjects; portraits and social criticisms. The particular invoice of its gleaming technique and its overexposed complexions were original and remarkable.

From 1980 till 1984, he exposes regularly. It is the beginning of a pictorial revival. His colors quickly evolve. They are livelier. He looks for to express the happiness in the ecstasy of tones and forms. Speaker in prevention of the suicide and involved in various social movements for the Peace. Give lessons of art and studios of creativity. In August, 1983, he organizes four simultaneous exhibitions where more than hundred of works are presented. Make a display of some paintings during a popular broadcast interview. Realize a project of wall, on the outside wall of a school to Richmond, in 1986. International year of youth.

Since 2006,

The collection of acrylic which presents Alain Coudry, < Portraits and invented universes >, is the fruit of 30 years of professional experience. His realizations, mixtures of organic thickenings and the glacis fluids, make play the light in a dynamic, synergic and unseizable. Allegory on the essence of the life. Spaces infinitesimal, infinitely big? The universes which he stages are paradoxical. Tucks of duality. Of movement. This synergy, between bodies seeming to the antipodes, as the organic and the mineral or the cellular and the stellar, accentuates their resemblances.What transcends any differences? He depicts a reality in which we are united by a multitude of vibrations. Alain Coudry, joins in his time by offering refreshing works, fed by hope and by benevolence. They attract the glance and have a presence which stays in memory as an enigma, an attractive mystery.

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