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Hey I'm a Plastic-Artist, but I'm a bit different from what you're used to find...

I do not like to be painting alone and away from the real world (oh yeah, social life!)...

And I do not like to paint about strange and weird inner worlds that then almost no human-being can relate himself with (communication...?).

I am a Conscious Plastic-Artist.

What does this means?

It means that I create about what's outside of my head, and that is independent of the human thought, that exists in Reality in the present moment, and that is common to all of us.

I paint about the invisible world that connects us all.

I paint about the Energy that we are (and everything is) made of. It's Vibrations (and consequent Emotions), and the Law of Attraction (have you seen or read The Secret?).

Welcome to the Conscious Art, the Art that is always about You.

And now hey, check out my paintings and leave me a comment. Thanks!

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