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Good blood would not know how to lie!!! Of Marseilles, Claude comes
from artists' family (his father and three uncles are also
artists-painters) and it fell very young in arts in general and in
Painting particularly. Laureate of various demonstrations and instigator of exhibitions in
schools, Painting was always for this artist a means to express itself,
to get away, to see the world in its manner, according to its desires
or its hopes. In her painting it tries to find the simple things which carry a charm
in them and that reveal a curiosity continuously renouvellée on small
daily happiness which encircle us and that ask only to be appreciated. Claude often works according to personal photographs among which
certain parties or certain details are going to awaken her inspiration.
It has to help it in its plans of painting a personal photographer in
the home (his companion) and it makes easier the choice a lot of photographs to be made and to
be drawn and which will be later used during his nocturnal sessions of
painting. Because it paint in most cases the night and why therefore
the night say me? For this artist, painting is a kind of alchemy which begins at the
level of the heart because it is it which feels, imagines and makes him
receive things. These feelings are transmitted at the head in general
and at eyes particularly and it is them who point out in the hands and
in the fingers how put on the cloth what the heart felt and imagined. The night brings him
search site son, by softness, its silence (relating coach to be
listened if the heart says to you about it) calmness, cordiality,
ambience " Zen " necessary to its job of painting. Although knowing how to work made to order, she has some subjects of
predilection as the traditional Provençal costumes (Arlésiennes), the
old cities or the old villages, in summary all that makes of Provence
one of the nicest regions in the world.

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