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Resolutly, my look goes inside things to reveal whits of truth there.
Artist, creator and creative, I turned to the miniature since my earliest chilhood. It allowed me to acquire a big manual control as well as it could put my dreams in volume.
Need to master the material, to travel the univers of the "little" to be able to touch the infinitely big, feel things in their globale nature.
Trained in the cabinetwork, but self made-man before any, I joined very fast various workshops of professional model makers where I began to put into practice all witch bubbled inside me and witch waited only to be able to express itself. I only needed tools !
After a feww years, I decided to fend for myself. Craftman model maker since 1989, it allowed me to have my own workshop to spread my wings with a total freedom there, both in the expression and in the movment.
With always this thrist of evolution and this quest of manual control under various form, it had been a long time since I wanted to approach the modeling and/or the sculpture.
It will have taken time, ups and downs, maturation as the matter of fact, before I decide to make the plunge. To create, to build, always and still, to concrtise my dreams, it is my real passion there, may be even an obsession...
I suggest you discovering my Giant's universe and of their postures witch express poetic, funny attitudes either still feelings and emotions, with an energy, an obvious movement, in balance between power and lightness.

Born of a sudden inspiration - but knowing me it had to make a moment which  these Giants foated in my subconscious - they waited that I'm ready. It will have is enough the encouragement of a friend to put me to it so that the click occurs and so that these Giants take life. And there, it is sheer lunacy !
There is no morning without a new Giant who calls me, who ask me to live under my fingers. Then, I draw him, tent to give him dashing figure. And when the drawing please me, When I found the good posture, when I feel him vibrating in me, then I go to the workshop to create him, to shape him, to give him life.
What imports me here , it is the work of the posture, the attitude. The material is secondary, good that inescapable, because it's it which gives them the consitency and the aspect. By the posture, I retranscribe the movement, the energy, always by attaching me to put a touch of poetry. Always marked of feelings and emotions, each can, it seems to me, recognize himself or find in these giants a moment of ressourcement, a timeless escapade, where the musing is dominant and saving.

To realize my giants, I Use stalks or tubes of metal for the structure, on which I model some putty polyester, some plaster and resin for the shaping. The finishes are made by painting and varnish. Bases are in wood or steel varnished.

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