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 Born in Le Havre, cradle of impressionism, Veronique was
touched very young person by the artistic expression. Their first pictorial
memories are “ the glaneuses ones " of F.Millet, and the “sunflowers” of
V.Van Gogh. Warm and rural paint which touches its heart, and illuminates for
always its soul. Of course others will come to feed this thirst for
colors, but do not ask her which style she is claimed, because its painting is
the fruit of her passion, the color. The remainder is moment of emotion,
dazzling, illumination.

You will find in the voyage
which she invites you, the influences crossed it.


“ The powerful and harmonious colors of boards painted by Veronique,
testify to a great emotion, major thoughts on the life, and the nostalgic
passion of a remote past, which lets foresee the happy future of a happiness in
sleep. “ Cine and Cis “


 Veronique, independent artist draws her
inspiration mainly in nature, but also in deepest of it even. She can thus give
to her works, a figurative universe which express the joy as much, freedom,
lightness, etc .......  each one
can be found through all these colors and these symbols.

You will be
touched by her sincerity and its unicity.



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