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The workshop for child in the School of Fine Arts of Havre begins Cécile's artistic universe. This space of discovery and free experiment teaches her to investigate the wide panel of plastic techniques and awakens its creativity. A transformation towards new horizons offers her a shape of more graphic education. Pierre Neyrand accepts the teenager in the courses grown-up which he dispenses in Montpelier. He suggests working the sketch, the nude, the proportions...
Cécile does not conceive any more her life without painting and creation. Her educational guidance concerns the plastic art and the art history at the high school Jean Monnet of Montpelier and on the interior design to IPESUD for the higher education.
She begins the profession as draftswoman in diverse agencies of architecture and occupies co-worker's post of architect in Perpignan during five years until January, 2009.
The life without painting misses however creativity, search for one, spirit for Cécile who leaves the job security for the one real, for the lifestyle, to live the art.
Colored Earth, crushed, mixed in the water, deliver in any simplicity the beauty of the nature. Through these two vital elements, Earth and the Water, she marks the interest which she carries to our environment and their pays tribute.
By letting express her truth one since her internal silence, she gets the universal flow to free the messages of the nothingness, meditates and lets elements speak about them even.
In the same way, Cécile investigates the other ways and gives birth to small sizes paints in the acrylic. The carrier child of freedom and future, is made sensitive in the paint to restin the development of his imagination through playful and colored illustrations, named the Babies Stars.

The life is an Art, the Art is life.  

1978 Born in Le Havre, France

2000-01 IPESUD, Montpellier, France
1999      ESMA, Montpellier, France
1993-97 High school Jean Monnet, Mtp, Fr
1991-92 Pierre Neyrand, Montpellier, France 1989-90 School of Fine Arts, Le Havre, France

2009 Les agences du Palais, , Perpignan, Fr
2009 Petits Petons, Perpignan, France
2009 Theater of the Complicity, Perpignan, Fr 2009 Theater of the High banks, Rivesaltes, Fr

2009 l'Air du Lac, Le Soler, France
2009 Au fon du jardin, association. A.I.M.E, Montpelier, France

1996 Prize-winner of the competition France Scotland, Montpelier, France

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