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I have not been painting for very long, about 10 years. Before that I used to produce film documentaries for the TV. I created the images. Images that little by little led me to painting, and in my own particular way, to study paintings. 

One day I wrote in one of my books: "nowadays that reality is linked equally with the visible, nothing exists outside of the image, and paintings no longer show the past or any other definition other than the Surfigurative" 

I created the Surfigurative movement. To surfigure the past means maintaining it above the image itself by the true sign of its own destruction. 

Painting the past involves creating the keys that help to unlock the representation. And that is why I paint scenes from the cinema, jazz musicians photographed in concert and women photographed in glossy magazines. 

I only use oil pastels. The advantage of these is that it gives the stroke and colour simultaneously, recalling the process in my book, which, borrowed from the cinema, presents without transition, events that coincide with one another. 

Just as my paintings coincide with the deja-vu. 
To give it another aspect. 

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