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Jean Marc Calvet began painting at a point in is life when severe crisis metamorphosed into a form of redemption and rebirth. With no training, he discovered the need to paint by complete chance. Not only did it save him but it changed his life. Art is his catharsis and his evolution has been astounding. For him, it is about exorcising the insanity of his past and slapping down on canvas the dirty truth of life. He paints 14 hours a day, seven days a week and lives now in Nicaragua.

Individual expositions

2009 Codice Gallery Managua, Nicaragua.

2008 "Redemption" Monkdogz Gallery Chelsea New York. USA

2008 "The Darker Side of Midnight" Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery Chelsea New York USA.

2005 "Seven nights in a Week " Gallery 43 8av New York

2004 "Los locos tambien van al cielo" Galeria Paseo de Arte Granada Nicaragua.
2003 " Fusion " Galeria Casa cultural Guatemala
2003 " Evolution" Galeria Añil Managua Nicaragua
2002 " Tornado " Casa Instalación San José Costa Rica

Collective Expositions

2007 Biennale Managua Nicaragua

2007 " Vertical Rising " Monkdogz Gallery Chelsea New York

2007 The Armory Show Week -End  .Open House Monkdogz Gallery Chelsea New York

2007 The Next Tortured Genius " Monkdogz Gallery Chelsea New York

 2006 Festival International d´Art  plastiques de Paris  Prix du Jury

2006 " Came To Belive " Monkdogz Gallery Chelsea New York

2006 " Have a good Eyes " New Art Center Miwaa New York

2006 " Street- Art "  Festival Art Managua Nicaragua

2005 " Primal Abstraction " Gallery Agora Chelsea New York

2005 Galery Añil Managua Nicaragua. 

2005 2eme Festival International de Arte Fusion Granada Nicaragua
2005 1er Festival International de la poesia, Section Visual Art Granada Nicaragua
2004 Galeria Claro Obscuro Granada Nicaragua

2004 1er Festival International de Arte Fusion Granada Nicaragua
2004 Galeria Añil Managua Nicaragua
2004 Museum d´Arte Contemporaneo Julio Cortazar Managua Nicaragua

My Artist statement :

My name is Jean Marc Calvet. I am a self-taught artist from Granada, Nicaragua. Painting is the best way for me to communicate with people. It links my internal world to my external experience, it is a catalyst for my evolution and it delivers moments of freedom. I paint to know myself and to know you, to understand and confirm our connection. It is the easiest way for me to communicate with you.



The human being is a permanent contradiction
The hero and the anti-hero in the same body,
The winner and the looser in the same team.
Mountain and abyss are keeping close too,
An intern world made of crates, scars, hope, breakdown, light and darkness.
In every one of us is leaving a universe, a land,
Everybody has their own paradise, their own hell
Above all do not try to be harder, on the contrary
Bring out every sensitive cell, every nervous ending.
Why? To live and feel this skin become shell through the years
And be reborn, grazed acutley in front of the mirror.
Jean Marc Calvet





The alarm clock is ringing today and i already want it to be tomorrow
Sharply come back to the daily realities of being a puppet
To run, to run all the time until forgetting why
Time flys past, love crumbles away and the run continues
To shout, to scream, for everything to stop, for everything to freeze
Letting wind and rain sweep up this paper world
So that the silence settles the illusory happiness of this awakened dream
The alarm clock is ringing and it is already ... tomorrow.

Jean Marc Calvet



In front of the door, sitting in this chair, I’m waiting…

You left without saying a word, in an apologetic manner

You smiled at me like the first time whilst closing the door,

Just leaving behind your image in this broken mirror

Last instant, last sign

I wished I was there to hug you and tell you not to leave…

Deaf to all your silences, I didn’t see it coming,

Turning my head was so much easier, so much more practical…

This misfortune is not something that you share… sorry

In front of the door, sitting on this chair, I’m waiting… ..........

                           ....... for your return.


                  Jean Marc Calvet



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