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From the father's Workshop modeller on wood where I start to arrange volumes on falls until now, it ran out approximately thirty years. During this time, and as from my twenty years I touched with hard materials, such as the stone, the marble on the shapes of the human body without real satisfaction of the result. Passed with modelling, I carried out some bronzes. Then, I tasted with the work of iron to return to modelling; this time Ci out of plaster. It is in 1994 that I begin to execute an assiduous work with various achievements out of ground which I mould and make draw out of bronze. During this period I touch a little assembly out of resin. In 1995, I make an exposure in Lyon of this various work. In 1996, following a contest, I take part in an exposure at the time of the top of G7 being held in Lyon. It will be up to 2005 my last exposure. During this time I work and sell on the spot (with the workshop) my various work. Between 2000 and 2004, I create also assembly-installations in which I am more with research of an architecture design in different evocation. At the end of 1999, I change scale in my achievements and put to me to seek new forms, it is common 2000 which I finally find by the drawing the way in which I currently work. Many ideas take form on the paper including 4 realized to date. Fifth is in hand. My step is registered with the back in the way of conceiving the sculpture: the latter is defined as being a volume occupying a space whereas what I seek with éxécuter and to make feel, is that it is the space which occupies volume, thus giving him a transparency which makes it possible the eye to apprehend the depth. This work is not a result, it is for the moment only the mode of expression in which I find myself to express me, around a topic which holds me with heart: the female body.
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