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"Via Aïr Anakom"
The fusion of the essentials.

The art of Eric Bleicher is like some old pages torn out of some ancient manuscripts, like unknown or secret maps that your eyes look at for sheer pleasure. We look at this art, to search for traces of time, to soak in its rich history, to study the symbols, to try to decipher the meanings and secrets of these “writings”…

It is through contemporary reflection that the artist invites you on a journey to borders of tribal, primitive, and original art. In this way, all tools become useless, the materials are hand-woven into serigraphy fabrics made out of wood or paper mounted on aluminium. On these unusual materials, Bleicher offers unsuspected colours and row materials such as henna, or juice from the hibiscus flower. For his pigments, he uses natural tones such as Arabic gum, coffee grounds, walnut stains, patinas and wax…

The original art of Eric Bleicher tirelessly evokes a voyage that is both physical as well as spiritual. With their tonality, the calligraphies and artefacts of remote cultures, contemporary or imaginary, give us a glimpse of a cause or of a people…

The simplicity is explicit, and the artist knows intuitively how to fuse the essentials.

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