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The works of German-Spanish painter Blanca
de Ramon Rius are deeply rooted in the expressionist tradition. Strong, bright
colorful brush strokes characterize her paintings, and the topics, inspired by
writers such as Camus, Sartre and Heidegger among others, deal with the
struggle of mankind, and sometimes more specifically with the struggle of the
feminine. Each work is an attempt to balance the cruelties of life and the hope
of overcoming and reaching redemption. Through the eyes of Blanca de Ramon Rius
the viewer embarks on an overwhelming journey into the female psyche.

While her earlier work is dominated by
portraits of strong, yet sad looking women, dark collages of haunting demons,
and torn Janus faces, her most recent imagery is driven by positive and
forceful elements. There has been a change in her approach, which we can find
in the new series “Bondage,” which seems to evoke a more conscious take on
sexuality and the role of women, and also her portrait of a smiling couple is
suggesting a new direction on the horizon.


Overall Blanca de Ramon Rius’ works are an
extraordinary homage to the strong women of our lives, who had to hide their
weaknesses and only in dark moments admitted them and gave way for expression.
With the changing times, and a new feminism, these weaknesses are turned into
strengths and self-awareness. This change in our society is being reflected in
de Ramon Rius paintings and writing.


Since the early 1990s Blanca de Ramon Rius
has been working as a painter, writer, and artist to capture the self in its totality, striving for a body of work, that
can be summed up as a Gesamtkunstwerk.


She is currently living and working in

Boris Moshkovits 2008

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