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Deeply inspired by the variety of the African culture, this young artist

likes to impregnate heat of the colors of Africa, regaining the shapes

arabesques and the line for contour. Using the support glass, it

explores the impressionist pictorial combinations by the analysis of

contour and the form. True priesthood, it is through the study of the

form and contour that it is exerted with the quasi abstract

representation of its characters. The subjects of its œuvres approach

the tragedies varied which the continent could know African. Thus, it

is between cheerfulness, hope and drama that is located the many ones

of its œuvres; as " the escape of the dove " translating the Rwandan

génocide in 1994 which made more than 1.5 million deaths, or well the

hope in the future of youth and the support towards the woman

(carrying hope) through " glance on Africa " or well " Women of Africa

". And finally, the joy and the happiness of the family and cultural

values who are translate with through " equips with Mouna ", " the

village of Wawaya ", without forgetting the many portraits like " line

and contour 1 and 2 " or " Babacar ", " Touareg " and very recently in

October 2005 " Navarro and Jean-Philippe Lenfant. Currently with

Beautiful arts of Worthy, Yann BIZIOU renews its experiment one year

later with same Hairdressers MARIO through his exposure entitled "

Shades of Africa " of 25 Octobre to December 2 2005.

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