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Markus Billard was born in Austria, in 1962.
His grandfather, Robert Libeski, was a famous painter, member of the Vienna Sezession and friend of Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Wander Bertoni and Oskar Kososchka. Libeski was a pioneer in art, literature and philosophy during the first half of the twentieth century. Robert Libeski’s father and grandfather were also well-known painters from the 19th century. The passion for art was thus passed down from generation to generation.
Markus Billard first held a painting brush in his grandfather’s Vienna studio. His family moved to Canada when he was only three years old. He studied in Europe (Lausanne in Switzerland) and Canada. He had his first solo exhibition before getting his degree in fine art. Since then, his unique style of representing the human body has fascinated the public and the media in Europe, USA, and Canada.
Markus Billard was invited by the Starmann Industries to do a solo exhibition in Austria. The exhibition was attended by the Austrian ambassador in Canada, Dr. Walther G. Lichem. That exhibition was a tremendous success: almost all pieces were sold and both the public and the artistic press acknowledged his talent.
In exploring beauty, Markus Billard tries to define the shapes and to simplify the complexity of the underlying realities: his models, in quest of a way towards the sensual lights of dreams, allow us to discover an unnamed universe.
Markus Billard is a classical trained artist in the European sense. He was born in 1962 in Austria. His genealogy boasts a long artistic history that dates back to his great-great grandfather, with his grandfather, Robert Libeski, being the most famous. The passion for art was obviously passed down from generation to generation.
markus held his first paintbrush n his grandfather's studio in Vienna. When he was three years old, his family moved to Canada. He regularly returned to Europe where he finished his secondary education in Lausanne, Switzerland. He chose as many art courses as possible, focusing on lessons in photography and perspective drawing. He studied drawing at Johnson State College in the United States. He studied fine art at the University of Laval in Quebec City.
Influenced by his artistic education gained in Switzerland, the United Sates and Canada, Markus's art expresses itself as a poetic vision, not depending on a single point of view, but rather as a result of the multiplicity of converging perspectives. With his nudes, their shapes are creating a kind of metamorphosis that perpetuates itself before out eyes. Slightly influenced by the cubist, his multidimensional painting of the human body, along with the complexity of shapes and lines, is equaled only the ambiguity of the source of light.
Markus Billard's charcoals, casein-painted photographs, his ink-on-paper paintings and acrylics on canvas bear witness to his technical mastery and flexibility of expression.
Markus Billard has had several solo exhibitions in prestigious galleries throughout Canada. In October 1999 Billard was invited for a solo exhibition in Austria. This exhibit was a great success and the European public and media praised his work enthusiastically. As a result, Billard has been invited to hold another solo exhibition in Austria in 2001. In the Spring of 2000, Markus Billard was the guest artist to the gala evening of the America Coup. This prestigious event took place at the world-famous Palm Beach Polo and Country Club in Florida where his extraordinary paintings of polo scenes are on display.
With MaRkus Billard's fame throughout Europe and Canada preceding him, New River Gallery is very proud to be the first gallery in the United States to offer this exciting artist's work to collectors.

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