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Born in Toulouse in December 1957, it is also in this city that I have followed the courses of the school of fine arts. I have learned much but very little of what I had expected... I so short my stay in this beautiful school to work alone and for several years, I have drawn and painted tirelessly, sometimes under difficult conditions but an artist sometimes requires sacrifices... After several years of hard work, I started to show some of my paintings in various salons, initially regional then national.
Over the years, my painting has had some success and brought me to teach in various workshops including the workshop of Arts 81 Castres where I prodigal, even today, my advice and this for more than twenty years.
In 1985 I started to work in acrylic, not satisfied with the inks I was using until then no doubt to the operating limit they imposed. Same for watercolor. I had of course worked oil but looking for transparency, I was not very pleased with either. Acrylic is therefore imposed because offering various technical possibilities I was looking for.

 My painting is organised in two phases, inseparable: one abstract, one to retrieve the first a figurative 'image'. No drawing initially, just a few splashes, stains, streaks that I will patiently watch and search. Like a careful archaeologist I will slowly release initial confusion which seems to be already contained, hidden under the color in disorder.
After much trial and error and hesitations of fragments of images appear and show me a bit of their secret until the moment where thinking identify the meaning, the title of my table is required. It is important because it is the link between abstraction and figuration, imagination and reality. It will also allow the Viewer to enter into this image and draw his own story, sometimes far removed from mine. And it is the purpose of my painting: create a communication link between the painting and that there will be his eyes.
At this stage, the following phases will involve set the better as element in the array, sometimes until the Sham or instead leaving apparent certain tasks from the start.
 But the painting completed remains mysterious, it only remains for me to start over...

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