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Born just right at dinnertime in  Wels /  Upper Austria at 18h29 on the 18th of September 1953, in the year of the ‘Snake’, under the sign of Virgo with ascendent Aries.

During my gymnasium years in a private girls school, my artistic talent was promoted by art exhibitions in this school as well was my writers-talent by sending my stories to various youth-competitions where I also won some credits.

I went to  England to study arts in the Camden Art College (which doesn't exist like this anymore) and made painting-technique courses in Austria during the summers with Ernst Fuchs, who taught the ‘Altmeisterliche Mischtechnik’. My former college changed and became the  Camden Art Center in  London.

Brakes in my artistic work were caused by longer durations of stay abroad and my self-employment as an advertising-expert for a television broadcast company.
After my move to the little village Burgkirchen in the Innviertel in Upper-Austria, I slowly started absorbing the inspiration of this rural area and decided in 2005 to stop working for the TV-broadcast alltogether and focusing on painting, carefully watched by my three cats...

1979 and 1980:
Exhibition at the Camden Art College

Group Exhibition on the 'Tattershall Castle' together with:
Wolfgang Männer, Christiane Kubrick, Brigid Marlin, Diana Hesketh und
Richard Jones

1981 - 2006
participant of various group exhibitions in whole Austria

1984: Viennese Festival: Zeit der Puppen (In
1983 I worked several month with other artists for Christa Müller. She
got the order from the ‘Viennese Festival Commitee’ for the exhibition
‘Zeit der Puppen’ in 1984.
produced roughly 320 life-sized, dressed dolls which were put up in all
parts of the inner city of Vienna. The faces and some bodies of this
dolls were taken in plaster, mainly of politicians and artists of this

- Burgkirchen "Kultur im Foyer" on the 24th of March 2008

2008: Mai in Simbach / BRD
2008: 9. November in Simbach / BRD

 13. April Burgkirchen
2009: April - Bühnenbild für Theateraufführung

2009: 9. Juni HTL Braunau
2009: 12. Dezember Mauerkirchen

2011: 16. - 18. September: EUROPEAN ART Fest Linz

                                                                                     2011: Oktober: Bühnenbild für Felix Mitterer's "Die wilde Frau"

Public commission:

Local Council of Burgkirchen

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