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My name is ATEK and I'm a Plastic Artist and Drawer, I studied in different schools of Art, Plastic arts school of Monaco, Graphic design school of Rouen and Academic art school of Nice. But I really started learning something more personal after all this cultural and artistic education, in real life, as I had to find a place to be in the middle of all the things I had heard of.

At first, I had a very simple approach to drawing, it was mainly very economical. I had to work with a low amount of money, as a purist, just pencil and paper, and I also wanted my artworks to be easily transportable, it has been a fact very important to me because of things that happen in life. That challenge allowed me to focus on the essential and to get better at my white-grey-black style, sometimes minimalist or overloaded, but in every case, with the desire to express my restless and tabooless complex brain's deepest thoughts through the plastic aspect mainly. Drawing is intellectual when Painting is sensual.

My imaginary crowd of bodies, faces, monsters, mutants, cloned to nature, to the objects, to animals,to whatever crosses my mind, all this becomes a new language: my own iconogrphic repertoire is set in an out-of-time universe but it always has existential references.

After 10 years of lead and fiber, I've decided to experiment inks in the end of 2007. Introducing colours washes with ink was my big revolution in my artworks but with the drawing forever!! and now I can say that since 2008 I combine Painting and Drawing and it offers me new possibilities for my Artistic evolution but with graphism being always a constant because Figure is my nature...


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