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Artziani: contemporary art by abdelouahed ziani Quotation: Art to paint :that  art to express invisible by the visible one. Otherwise considering: To express the visible one by the invisible one while transmitting a message, message which can be described only depending on the states of hearts of each one of us, no one cannot reproduce nature to collect the image of existing as much, leaving free choice to the interpreters to decide, with the artists to be expressed, a freedom of choice of colors, a freedom of choice of movements, the sensual body one with sensual imaginary and this by marrying colors and form, thus giving a turning to our perception of the things without limits. To demolish the visible one, image collected by our system of vision according to the level of fraud, in interference with the outside world pushes us to plunge in our imaginary fiction in symbiosis with reality. To seek the visible one in the invisible one and then the invisible one in visible is to locate itself in imaginary reality. More effort required, to plunge in our clean imaginary via the work of others, to locate themselves compared to its reference frame, to amalgamate the various reference marks, to juxtapose, superimpose, take various visual angles, to give free course to its imaginary, to plunge in the unreal one, the furtive one, an extraordinary gymnastics which one delivers while contemplating such or such work. To make visible what is invisible come down to solidify the limits to sacrifice the beauty of the existence whereas eternity is in the invisible one, such is my perception, such is my expression.

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